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What Does It Mean to Enjoin a Law

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She could do this while not failing in any friendly duty that the memory of her former love might impose on her. It might be helpful to tell you that forcing ultimately derives from the younger verb, which means “to join.” Jungere stands behind a number of English words, including Join, Conjoin, Disjoin, and Junction. Are you ready for your answer? The right choice is junta, a term that entered English via Spanish. A junta is a committee that controls a government, especially after a revolutionary seizure of power – in other words, a group of people who have united for a specific purpose. Anglo-French to induce to impose, to constrain, from the old French, from the Latin injungere to attach, to impose, to in- on + jungere to join the Middle English, from the Anglo-French enjoin, from the Latin injungere, from in- + jungere to join — more to the yoke Which of these words do you think has the same root as enjoin? I shouted, in such a tone of astonished indignation, that Monna Giuliana grabbed my arm and squeezed it to urge caution. Command, command, command, command, command, instruction, command, means of giving orders. Command and command involve authority and usually some degree of formality and impersonality. The command emphasizes the formal exercise of authority. An order from the commanding general may suggest mandatory or arbitrary exercises. ordered his employees to leave as slaves offers to give orders (as for children or servants).

She asked him to sit down, which involves giving an order or instruction with authority and urgency, and often with admonition or care. A sign that commands clients to be calmly direct, implying both the expectation of obedience and usually regarding certain points of procedure or method, sometimes involving greater explanation or formality. Asked his assistant to hold all appeals The judge asked the jury to ignore the remark added by the allegation in order to prohibit any involvement in imposing it as a duty or responsibility. Charged by the President with a secret mission, he raised his hand as if to call for silence, then pointed it at him, raised to the level of his head. To remedy a breach of duty that has occurred or is possible, the court may: (a) compel the trustee to perform his or her duties. (b) prohibit the syndic from committing a breach of his obligations. (c) compel the trustee to remedy a breach of duty by paying money, restoring property or otherwise. (d) hold a trustee accountable. (e) appoint a special trustee to take possession of and administer the property of the estate, municipality, protected person or trust. Should we tear out his heart while we impose duties on him that an entire heart can barely face? Where proceedings for the enforcement of a custody order have been commenced in another State, the court may: (1) stay the amendment proceedings pending the registration of an order of a court of the other State by which the enforcement proceedings are enforced, stayed, refused or terminated; (2) prohibit the parties from continuing the enforcement proceedings; or (3) make the amendment under such conditions as it deems appropriate. ask the parties to continue the enforcement procedure.

Theme Music by Joshua Stamper ©2006 New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP Ask a retail seller who is involved or involved in a method, action or practice that constitutes a violation of this law. A person, district attorney or attorney general may bring an action to: (a) obtain a declaratory judgment that a method, act or practice violates this Act. (b) Allow a person who participates or is about to participate in any method, act or practice that violates this law. (c) Reimbursement of actual damages resulting from a violation of this Act or $250.00, whichever is greater, as well as reasonable attorneys` fees and the cost of the action. History: 1988, Law 161, Eff. For more information on the issue of sentencing victims of Iranian terrorism, see crS Legal Sidebar WSLG1358, Terrorism Victims Sue to Enorder Sanctions Relief under the Iran Nuclear Agreement, by (redacted name) and CRS Report RL31258, Suits Against Terrorist States by Victims of Terrorism, by (redacted name). Instruct any action or thing that is illegal or violates the rights of the holders of obligations or obligations. prohibit any breach or threat of breach by the Company of any obligation, section, condition, term or term of this Agreement; Killer whale. On the basis of reliable information obtained from an interested person, a district or state official, or any other informed source, including court records, the court may make an order in a proceeding to comply with one or both of the following measures:(a) Appointment of a special administrator to perform certain functions. (b) prohibit a person within the jurisdiction of the court from engaging in conduct that presents an imminent risk of waste, unnecessary dispersion of the assets of an estate or trust or endangering the interests of an interested person ….

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