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PāyZero® Inc. is a FinTech (Financial Technology) company, while PāyZero® is not a bank,  PāyZero® will in 2024, provide BaaS (Banking as a Service) and is currently home of The Bill-PayPro™ Spending Management System, an online “Payments as a service” (PaaS) portal.  The Bill-PayPro™ online UX platform is designed to function as both an artificially intelligent spending management system and bill pay service.

Our business model is simple.

In 2024, banking with PāyZero®, will open the door to digital banking at its finest.  Because PāyZero® features the Bill-PayPro™ Spending Management System, current spending management clients no longer worry about paying bills, budgeting, when bills are due, or if they had been paid or not. They are also saving an extra 10%-15% more cash at the end of their month. In 2024, PāyZero® clients will experience Bill-PayPro™ Spending Management System along with the full array of available banking features offered by PāyZero®.  PāyZero® will be seen as a combination of banking as a service, (Baas), software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for spending management.

What We Offer?

We came from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences to create something new:

Whatever you are saving for…. debt relief, a new mortgage, a wedding, vacation, retirement, a new vehicle, a business startup, investing, etc., the monthly subsidy triggered by Bill-PayPro™ will get you there waaay faster than saving alone.

So, we still have a long way to go as a company and team but we’re growing fast, seeing real impacts, and heading for our finish line.

Bill-PayPro™ Spending Management System

Our feature service is the Bill-PayPro™ Spending Management System. While you do a great job paying your bills, having a Bill-PayPro™ Account has its privileges. When you begin depositing money into your Bill-PayPro™ Account to cover your monthly expenses, not only are we paying your bills based on your budget, but our business model affords our company a subsidy that we can share with you in interest for you giving us the opportunity to pay your household bills and expenses. That means you will get a check every month for 10% of the amount deposited into your Bill-PayPro™ Account to cover your monthly expenses (between $350 – $1,000) on top of what you are already saving. No matter how much you try to lower shrink, or adjust your budget, our system is still going to pay 100% of the expenses you ask us to pay and pay you between $350 – $1,000 each month you use our services. So actually, the higher your budget, the bigger your interest check.  www.bill-paypro.com

On A Mission...

We aren’t satisfied with business-as-usual financial services because we’ve been on the inside and seen countless ways to make you rich. That’s why PãyZero® Inc. is leading the way to more transparent, fair, accessible, and friendly financial solutions for all (it also feels great to help people save money).

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