pāyZero® Inc., D.B.A. pāyZero® Bill-Pay, & Tax Preparation Services was founded in 2018 by Financial Counselors to do our part in helping hard-working Americans save, and afford financial freedom.  Our team utilizes local expertise, combined with global experience, to offer our customers a range of highly profitable financing options.

Karriem Ali, the Founder, and President of PayZero Inc., D.B.A. PayZero Financial Tax Preparation and Bill-Pay Services. We introduce people to Consumer Float, and the C.O.L.R. (the Cost-of-Living Refund), an FDIC®-compliant strategy for using online bill pay to generate Float Money (Investable Dollars). (Float Money – Individuals and companies alike can use float to their advantage, gaining time or earning interest before payment clears their bank.) Link

The idea for using the Cost-of-Living Refund to generate float money came to life in 1994 when we experimented with ways to lower your total cost of expenses against your next arriving paycheck. The results allowed households to pay all of their bills in full, and on time while recuperating as much as 25% of the money I just paid.

Our work won’t “save the world” but we do change many people’s lives for the better on a daily basis and that means a lot to us. Our expectations are definitely high.

You could say that we’re a bunch of financial technologists, money management experts, and customer service fanatics (you’d be right), but we’re more than that – PayZero® is a team.

What We Offer?

We came from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences to create something new:

Whatever you are saving for…. debt relief, a new mortgage, wedding, vacation, retirement, new vehicle, business startup, investing, etc., a C.O.L.R. Monthly Cost of Living Refund will get you there waaay faster than saving alone.

So, we still have a long way to go as a company and team but we’re growing fast, seeing real impacts, and heading for our finish line.

On A Mission...

We aren’t satisfied with business-as-usual financial services because we’ve been on the inside and seen countless ways to make you rich. That’s why PãyZero® Inc. is leading the way to more transparent, fair, accessible, and friendly financial solutions for all (it also feels great to help people save money).

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