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At pāyZero® Financial our Consultants can boost your Personal Economy with a Financial Reset. This will instantly increase your buying power by as much as 25% on just the money you already make. The increase is enough to pay your car payments to your lender without you having to spend any of your money on car payments. To get started, we ask everyone to place your household budget into the MyXtraMoney® Financial Reset Calculator to determine the largest car payment we can have paid by your economic boost. There is no fee for enrollment into DriveFree™

Are You Buying a New/Used Car? –  Finance A New Car Without Having To Make Payments Out of Pocket. DriveFree™


Do You Already Have a Car Payment? –  If you sign up today, the next payment you send to your lender will be your last… DriveFree™

What is a Financial Reset?A financial reset is when you use electronic banking and ebill-pay to pay all household bills and expenses, converting the way you manage your cash-flow away from budgeting to digital economics. (eBill-Pay is when you deposit all of your income into your bank account, and then allow your bank to pay your bills by electronic check.)  In our case, MyXtraMoney® takes advantage of a 25% cash back opportunity we discovered when eBill-pay is used along with our algorithms, to manage your cash flow and use less and less of future income while making sure all bills still get paid on time, and all usual and customary monthly savings is still experienced by you.

So, Keep Your Money…

We Will Pay Your Lender!

More About DriveFree™...

  1. How Fast Does it Start – Immediately.  Within 90 days, pāyZero® will begin making payments from 10% all the way 100% of your auto loan payments to your lender. The more it pays, the less you have to. The Faster you set up your plan, the faster it kicks in. As long as you are on MyXtraMoney™, your auto loan payments will be made.
  2. Works On Any Active Car Loan – You do not need to have an active loan with pāyZero® to use MyXtraMoney™, and experience DriveFree™. You may already be paying on an existing auto lender, or you may want to buy a new vehicle and apply your Cash Back. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, you can use the Drive Free™ program to have any auto loan you wish paid off by pāyZero® Financial.
  3. Early Loan Payoff – As an added bonus, the system has a built-in algorithm that will actually pay off your auto loan 20% FASTER than normal auto loan financing.
NOTE: As part of our loan application for financing, refinancing, or trading-in your car, truck, or SUV, we ask all of our applicants to enter their bills and expenses into the MyXtraMoney™ Financial Reset Calculator to determine the maximum recommended monthly payment that can be paid by pāyZero®.
¹pāyZero® Financial will use your cash back reserves to make your monthly payment to your auto lender for the life of your loan, as long as you remain in the MyXtraMoney® Cash Back  system and can do so for all of the remaining consecutive months of your loan term. 
Using MyXtraMoney™ shows our lending partners you are operating on a high level of financial efficiency.  Banks are becoming more and more comfortable lending to borrowers that are on MyXtraMoney™. To the lender, you being on MyXtraMoney™ means you have committed to become a more financially reliable consumer, and significantly lowers your chances of defaulting on future auto loans, making it incredibly easy to obtain auto, and mortgage loans, and or credit cards.

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  • Be aged 25+
  • Have a minimum total net household income of $3,330/mo.
  • Have direct deposit to an active check account.
  • Be comfortable using your own bank’s online banking system.
  • Be an active user of MyXtraMoney®.

Emergency Savings

Use your Cash Back as your emergency savings fund. Never get caught without 6 months of emergency money ready to go…

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Use It To Pay Off Your Debt.

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Use your Cash Back to invest in your business dreams.

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