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In America, households spend $5,111/mo. on their lifestyle with nothing to show for it.

If there were a legal way to have a company pay as much as 20% of the $5,111 you spend every month, while your same expenses are still paid in full each month, wouldn’t you want to start as soon as possible?  Yes!  That is precisely what we do for households every day.

How Much Do You Spend On Monthly Household Expenses?

Whatever your amount, when you are on Bill-PayPro™, PayZero Incorporated pays 12% to 100% of your total monthly household expenses.

Example: If you are currently paying $4,000/mo in total expenses, you only pay $3,280/mo. We pay the remaining $720/mo. Bill-PayPro™ makes sure all household expenses are paid-in-full and on time for you.

It’s Simple: PayZero Inc. pays all of your household expenses and saves you money. The longer you are with us, the more of your bills we pay.

I am Karriem Ali, the Founder, and President of PayZero Inc.  Back in 2018, we began showing how the average hard-working American is leaving money on the table because you are using your after-tax income to pay monthly bills. When all you need is an automated cashflow plan that pays your bills and gives you up to a 25% Discount on out-of-pocket expenses. So we introduced people to Bill-PayPro™.  PayZero Inc. developed Bill-Pay Pro™ as a user interface to work with any working person with direct deposit and a checking account.

The idea was actually born back in 1994 when I experimented with ways to lower my total cost of expenses against my next arriving paycheck. The results allowed me to pay all of my bills in full, and on time while recuperating an amount equalling all of the tax money I just paid as Cash Back. I used it for years as a personal banking tool. Now but I use it to help the masses. So Bill-Pay Pro™ was created.

Not only will Bill-PayPro™ effectively pay your monthly household bills and expenses in full and on time, but because you chose us to you take the management of your finances to a higher level, we will provide you with a significant monthly financial benefit.

See the Chart below:


You can log into Bill-Pay Pro™ and:

  • see what bills have been paid
  • see what is coming next
  • see your balances.
  • see your benefit.

Bill-Pay Pro™ will:

  • Calculate Your Deposits: First, you will enter your individual expenses and net income into the Bill-Pay Pro™ Calculator. You will be given an amount to deposit into your bill-pay account.
  • Reserve:  We simply place the money you pay us into Bill-Pay Pro™, add our money to your money and begin paying your bills.
  • Our process ensures your monthly household bills are still paid in full and on time.
  •  Once you are paying bills with Bill-Pay Pro™, You will find you are waaaaay richer than you think you are.

Thank you for the opportunity.  See you on the other side

Karriem Ali,
Founder of Bill-Pay Pro™
CEO, PayZero Inc. DBA PayZero Bill-Pay and Tax Preparation Services.

$500 For Trying it for 3 Months

Help us improve our bill pay software. We need 100 families to participate in a paid trial of Bill-PayPro™ for 3 months Bill-PayPro™ is an automated money management system that pays your household expenses providing a 20% discount that saves you money. You will learn a better way to pay bills and pick up a little cash at the same time.

Participants must have at least $4,000/month in household bills. Interviews take place in December 2022. The 3-month study runs from January thru March 2023. You will be paid $500/mo. for your participation. Bill-PayPro™ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Underwritten by PayZero, Incorporated © 1994-2022. All Rights Reserved. Member BBB and American Association of Daily Money Managers.

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Welcome to pāyZero® Incorporated  |  Home of Bill-Pay Pro™