(833) 321-ZERO (9376) Beta Test Bill-PayPro™!

Thank you for your interest in starting your Bill-PayPro™ Beta Test.  

NOTICE:  In 2024, PāyZero® will introduce a Banking App that will feature the Bill-PayPro™ Account.  Since PāyZero® will not begin functioning as a full-service Digital Banking App with our partner bank until 2024, you can open a new checking account at your bank, and name it Bill-PayPro™.  We simply ask you to place a specific amount of money per week into your Bill-PayPro™ Account so PāyZero® can securely access and pay ALL of your household expenses for the month.

We Need Your Help!

We need to surpass 10,000 enrolled Bill-PayPro™ clients so Bill-PayPro™ can be featured on the PāyZero® digital Banking App when it launches in 2024.

Bill-PayPro™ has a digitally integrated subsidy that makes between $350 – $2,000/mo. available to households that are using Bill-PayPro™.  Once setup, funds are disbursed evenly over a 12-month period to provide you with a little financial freedom. You can use your subsidy proceeds to save, invest, pay off debt, shop, or pay any other bills.

Qualifying for the Subsidy!

As long as you use are making deposits to your Bill-PayPro™ Account to cover your monthly household and lifestyle expenses, you can continue to benefit from the beta test. (See Agreement)

Benefits of paying your expenses through your Bill-PayPro™ Account

  1. You would no longer have to worry about when bills are due, or if they had been paid on time.
  2. The amount we ask you to deposit into your Bill-PayPro™ Account has built-in discounts to improve your budget.
  3. You Get a Dividend Check Every Month equaling 10% of the total amount you deposited for bill pay.

All you have to do is make the switch from your current bill pay methods to operating from your Bill-PayPro™ Account.

Make the Switch?