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NOTICE: The PayZero® Credit Agency is the first of its kind to make credit approval decisions and favorable interest term recommendations based on Net Income, Household Expenses, and the Highest Number of Expenses you allow PayZero to pay on the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay Platform. Participants will earn a BPP Score™ after 90 consecutive days of paying household expenses through Bill-PayPro™.  The PayZero® Credit Agency has established this new method of credit approval for people with an adverse credit history.  The next 1000 households earning a BPP Score™ will be approved for an unsecured Visa®/Mastercard®, from our partner banks with “0” payments as long as your expenses are paid by The PayZero® Credit Agency.

Benefits of paying your bills through Bill-PayPro™

Paying your household bills and expenses through Bill-PayPro™ for a period of 90 Days will earn a BPP Score™ You will be pre-approved for a low interest, unsecured high credit limit PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® with Zero Payments*. (Ask About the Monthly Debt Dividend)

  1. You would no longer have to worry about when bills are due, or if they had been paid on time.
  2. The amount we ask you to deposit into your Bill-PayPro™ Account has built-in discounts to improve your budget.
  3. After your BPP Score is established, your application for the PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Card will be submitted.  If there is any delay in the process, PāyZero® will pay you your non-taxable 10% Monthly Debt Dividend by monthly check.