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Key Figures Behind America’s Consumer Debt

February 20, 2020by

The modern-day credit card — which entered the scene in the late 1950s — has meant far...

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As investors worry about a recession on the horizon, a record 7 million Americans have stopped paying their car loans. Here’s why

April 2, 2019by

Ten years into a bull market, Americans are getting jittery about when the music will stop and the next...

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A simple change to push bank subsidies to depositors

March 18, 2019by

Paul H. Kupiec September 19, 2017 | InsideSources The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee meets this week (Tuesday and...

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Large banks assuming more risk in auto lending

February 12, 2019by

By Kevin Wack Published February 12 2019, 11:07am EST Big banks have been adding more fuel to the riskiest...

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Auto financing finally shifts into the 21st century

January 7, 2019by

By Andy Peters Published January 07 2019, 10:00pm EST Auto financing has hardly changed at all in what seems...

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Auto lending has stabilized, but will it stick?

September 7, 2018by

By Andy Peters Published September 07 2018, 12:27pm EDT The nail-biting narrative in auto lending for more than two...

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