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If you are a W-2 or Salaried Employee, you can have access to 12% – 25% of your total monthly expenses. Wealth planning no longer has to cost you a dime.


Imagine being able to Re-Use 25% of your monthly expenses without changing anything about your budget. 

It’s time to take your finances and save money to the next level. It’s time you had access to your FLOAT MONEY.

Message for every wage-earning household with a w-2 and direct deposit: The pāyZero® Financial Float Money System™ is a “how-to” for using Online Banking to squeeze even more money into your pocket, even though you are the greatest budget master of all time, and don’t think you need any help managing money.


PāyZero® uses online banking to give you a pattern for allocating your money towards arriving household expenses to generate a float rebate.  Then the system deposits your Float Money into a Wealth Savings Account™.  This is money you can use to contribute to wealth planning without the burden of being an out-of-pocket expense.

Sounds crazy? 

Well, it’s not.  Floating your Money is not about budgeting. It’s about banking… using an Advance Rebate Calculation. (ARC) to shrink the cost of your expenses against your arriving paychecks in order to generate Digital MarginThe gap between your “old costs per week against your paychecks” and your “new, lower costs per week against your paychecks”.

In fact, Floating your Money will lower your weekly costs per paycheck for all of your monthly expenses, and not miss a beat when it comes to bills and expenses being paid in full, and on time as usual. You can log in and tell us what to do with your Float Money.

What the old saying “Time Is Money” means to Us.

The pāyZero® Float Money System™ is an instructional guide for banking based on Timing and follows the guidelines of safe FDIC® insured banking. Although there are 4 months with 5 weeks in a year, the Advance Rebate Calculation Algorithm treats all 12 months like they have 5 weeks for the benefit of w2 employees throughout all income pay periods, regardless of how many incomes your household may have.

The general rule of thumb most people use while budgeting is based on 1 month being 4 weeks. As your bill comes, you take any new money you just made and have to pay for an entire bill.  That is counterproductive. 

Actual Client:

  • Their monthly bills come to $2,856.67/month
  • That costs them $714.17/week

But what happens when they applied The pāyZero® Float Money System instructions?

  • Same monthly expenses of $2,856.67
  • Our system covers their expenses for $611.21/wk. (No NSF Charges)
  • $714.17 – $611.21 = 
  • This client Weekly Costs were lowered by $102.96
  • Over the course of the month, $446.00 becomes “Investible”

This example came from an actual client. The pāyZero® Float Money System™ does the calculations for all of your bills and expenses at the same time to come up with your Float amount.

Every W2 household has Float Money.

3 things will happen within 30 – 45 Days of getting started...


Bills Paid On Time Like Normal

You will continue to have enough money to continue to pay bills on time as usual without missing a beat.


You Will Not Be Asked To Adjust Your Budget

You will not be asked to make any alterations to your budget, but your monthly savings will most likely increase.


You Will Have An Additional $500 – $2,000*+/Month To Invest.

On average, the PayZero® strategy will unlock $1,143+/month without cutting expenses.  This is the National Monthly Average per Working Household.

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