General Questions

Bill-PayPro™ is a financial technology tool used to manage the money a household spends each month.  Bill-PayPro™ is a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) ready online “Payments as a Service” (PaaS) portal where you enter your total household expenses, account numbers, addresses, and due dates so we can begin paying your expenses in full and on time.

Financial Freedom Opportunity

The PāyZero® Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity for True Financial Freedom.

Your monthly subsidy can be increased over time to cover 100% of your household expenses. PāyZero® will add $100/mo. to your subsidy for each household you refer to Bill-Pay Pro®. (up to $10,000 per month)

For instance:  If you are spending $5,500/mo. on your household expenses and total lifestyle, you would need 55 referrals to raise your subsidy check beyond the cost of your monthly expenses. At that point, your subsidy check would be enough to pay 100% of your total monthly expenses for as long as your referrals remained enrolled in our program.

All you have to do is Pay Your Bills using BIll-PayPro™, refer enough households, and You Will Be Financially Free!

In 1994, the founder Karriem Ali wanted to show hard-working American households a better way to execute their budget. One that when used, would generate an instant savings for the household on the total out-of-pocket for everyday household bills and expenses. It was not until 2018 did the digital technology become available for us to help individual households on a UX (User Experience) platform. So Bill-PayPro™ was born.

Convenience! | Stress Relief! | Peace of Mind! | You Get A Check 

While you do a great job paying your bills, having a Bill-PayPro™ Account has its privileges. When you begin depositing money into your Bill-PayPro™ Account to cover your monthly expenses, not only are we paying your bills based on your budget, but our business model affords our company a subsidy that we can share with you in interest for you giving us the opportunity to pay your household bills and expenses. That means you will get a check every month for 10% of the amount deposited into your Bill-PayPro™ Account to cover your monthly expenses (between $350 – $1,000) on top of what you are already saving. No matter how much you try to lower shrink, or adjust your budget, our system is still going to pay 100% of the expenses you ask us to pay and pay you between $350 – $1,000 each month you use our services. So actually, the higher your budget, the bigger your interest check.

Our requirements are simple:

  • Monthly Bills Minimum – Minimum Net Household Expenses: $3,500/mo.
  • Financial Stability – Must be able to afford weekly deductions for bill pay (Example $5,100/4)
  • Age – Minimum age is 25, Maximum age is 80 years.


Getting started is as easy as entering applying for the Ends Meet Subsidy