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How We See It…

Disclosure: We do not solicit investment dollars from our clients.  We provide Bill-Pay and Tax Services.  When we pay your bills, our software has built-in fractional reserve banking incentives that provide our company a float/margin of 25% of the money deposited with PayZero for bill payment purposes.  Below you will find the many ways we use to invest our 25% with returns in time to allow your bills to be paid in full and on time.  100% of your household expenses are paid by PayZero Inc. using our Bill-PayPro™ platform.

In managing our incentive/float accounts, we seek to maximize returns for a given level of risk. As part of this effort, we pay close attention to the US business cycle and use our understanding of economic conditions to adjust the mix of investments in your account over time.

How the business cycle plays a role in our approach



We believe there’s a strong connection between the current place of the economy in the business cycle and various asset class returns. This is why we seek to understand where the US economy is in the business cycle so that we can make adjustments to your investments as the economic environment changes, and emphasize investments that have historically performed well during each phase of the business cycle.

Defensive investment approach

We practice an approach that emphasizes defensive investments, like our Stock Trading Quadrant, designed to place return 85% of deposited dollars back to the original source within 45 days.  This way, we operate risking bank margin instead of invested dollars.  This method places the majority of our invested dollars back where we got it from.  We then can use the returns from the marginalized investments to make sure bills our paid.

Investment Portfolio

  • Stocks and Trading
    • Trading Quadrant
  • Crypto
    • Trading Software
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Insurance
    • Bank on yourself Strategies
  • Real Estate
    • Mini mall acquisitions
  • Business Acquisitions
Welcome to pāyZero® Incorporated  |  Home of Bill-Pay Pro™
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