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Loan & Amortization Calculator

The Loan and Amortization Calculator is a professional, high quality, and highly customizable calculator and can be used for Mortgage, Auto or any kind of amortized loan.  It can be inserted on a page or used as a widget, even multiple times.

Completely translation ready and support for many different currency formats.  Clean, material design will look great in any WordPress standards compliant theme.

Use Different Currency Formats & Symbols

Amortization In Euros
Amortization In Pounds

Use Optional Slider Inputs

Slider Inputs

Full of Features

Perfect for real estate agents & lenders to give your visitors a professional and informative amortization schedule both on page & as a PDF report sent to them.  Includes estimates for PMI, Insurance, and taxes (which can be disabled as well).

Use it to capture leads by receiving a copy of the PDF amortization schedule they generate (along with their email), so you’ll know what kind of loan and price they are considering.

The amortization calculator is also integrated with Visual Composer for easy drag and drop placement and settings override capability.  You can add it easily to any page and create multiple separate purposed calculators!

Includes many options for customizing the calculator on the back end.  No digging through code or files to change settings!

Customize colors, texts, report logo, information displayed in forms, output and email.  It even has a custom CSS field on the back-end and you can give each calculator a specific class for styling differently.

Designed to be responsive, even the amortization schedule generated collapses on small screens for readability!

Multiple currency formats are available in forms and reports with the change of an option.  Any currency symbol can be used. Support the currency of all countries in the world.

The calculator is completely ready to translate with included language files and text fields you can change.

Not just for mortgage amortization, use it for other types of amortization as well e.g. auto loans.

Send A PDF report to your email?