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Building Your Credit Made Simple…

Need to Build or Rebuild Your Credit History?

We can handle that!

Our SaverLoan™ program is designed to help you accomplish two very important goals:

  1. Repair or establish a good credit rating
  2. Save money

In 4 simple steps, you can sit back and relax while your SaverLoan™ adds 50 - 100 pts to all three credit bureaus...


Fill in your calculator to find out your loan amount.

We put that same amount of funds on hold in a special savings account – 100% of the amount will remain on hold the entire time the loan is in repayment


Pay off your SaverLoan™ Account on time

Your loan amount is based on your CashBack results. Each month you participate in the SaverLoan™, the amount you save is your loan payment. Terms are 12 months and 10%. Returned to you after your loan matures.


Build credit history and add to your savings.

Your monthly payments are reported to all three credit bureaus.


Unlock your savings.

Once you’ve paid off your SaverLoan™ Account, your Account unlocks and the money is yours (minus fees and interest).

Only when you have repaid the loan in full will you have access to the funds that have been on hold in the special savings account.

Since the funds secure this loan, we place an account on your behalf; your credit history is not considered in the approval process. 

Should you decide to cancel the loan or become delinquent, we will close the loan and return the payments you made back to you. This will be processed the day before the loan is considered 30 days delinquent, so no negative payment history will be reported.

Welcome to pāyZero® Incorporated  |  Home of Bill-Pay Pro™
Disclosure: PāyZero® Inc. DBA PāyZero® Financial Assistance provides their advisory on setting up the Bill-PayPro™ Spending Management System. The strategy behind the Bill-PayPro translates into a doable financial plan for your household. Using Bill-PayPro™ makes you eligible for the Bill-PayPro™ Monthly dividend Program.  Bill-PayPro™ delivers a Monthly Dividend Check in an amount between $350 – $1,000/mo. (each month PāyZero® pays you 10% dividend on the money you deposited into your Bill-PayPro™ Account to cover your monthly household and lifestyle expenses.) When the bills are paid, because of the efficiency of the Bill-PayPro™ algorithm, returning a portion of client deposits is similar to how insurance companies establish a non-taxable dividend as a return of an overcharge. Upon approval, dividend proceeds are disbursed evenly over a 12-month period.  All management questions and adjustments are handled via Zoom® Meetings.  *PayZero™ Financial Assistance has Zero access to your bank account(s).  PāyZero® Inc. is a FinTech (Financial Technology) company, while PāyZero® is not a bank.  In 2024, PāyZero® will provide BaaS (Banking as a Service) such as digital bill-pay and Spending Management Services. As of now, Bill Pay Services are provided through our corporate accounts at BlueVine online and Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC®. Bluevine accounts are FDIC® insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC®.  See the Coastal Community Bank Privacy Policy.  Bill-PayPro™ is a SaaS underwritten by PāyZero® Incorporated © 1994 – 2023. All Rights Reserved. Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, A minimum of $3,500/mo. in household expenses. For the best results, you need to add as many bills and expenses as possible to our user interface platform.