Are you a W-2 or Salaried Employee who always wanted to invest your money but you never got started because your budget is too tight?

Using Float25 will make your bank shift up to 25% of the money you spend on monthly bills towards the investments of your choice, while all of your monthly bills and expenses are paid in full, and on time.

Invest Your Float, Not Your Cash

The Stock Market   |   The FOREX Market   |   Life Insurance   |   Crypto Currency   |   Real Estate   |   Paying off Debt & Taxes

How Float25 Pro works…


Financial Analysis

We take a look at your individual situation when you fill in our Float25 calculator with your monthly household expenses and net income per pay period for each working adult in your household.


Introduce Float Money

After you complete Step 1, Float25 will automatically recirculate up to 25% of your total monthly bills and expenses back into a Savings Account.


Wealth Planning

Your Float25 Account can now be used to invest in stocks, forex, life insurance, cryptocurrency, or pay off your Student loan, Auto loan, Mortgage, and Credit Card Debt.  All paid for independently from your household budget. We contact you for authorization and approval.

Why Choose Float25 Over The Other Financial Strategies?

Float25 gives you…

  • Access to up to 25% of your money spent on monthly expenses (Float Money)
  • A new realistic way to manage your money so you can afford to invest without the need to rob Peter to pay Paul
  • Login Access to Track your investments, or your debt as it is paid off
  • Strategies to show you how saving your float money outpaces investing (based on the current amount you allot monthly for investments).

Our business model allows PayZero Financial the opportunity to provide its clients with Non-invasive, Painless, Seemeless Saving towards Financial Freedom at the Speed of Light.

  • No need to cut your spending
  • No Need to rob Peter to pay Paul
  • You can use the system at any bank
  • Solutions for building a full investment portfolio Super Fast
  • No unnecessarily added monthly fees

Just Good Ole Fashioned Financial Services Solutions that benefit you!

Getting started is easy

Apply online: Simply Answer a brief questionnaire, and Complete the Financial Calculator


Meet Our Requirements

Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, A minimum of $3,800/mo. in household expenses.


Enter Your Household Financials

Take 5 minutes and place your household budget answers into the fields so we may determine the float amount you can look forward to experiencing each month.


Follow The Financial Steps

PayZero® advisors will provide you with FDIC® Compliant instructions for setting up a Float Money/Re-Usable Dollar System (at your current bank). 

Over 5,000

People a year apply

Over $1,128

Saved Per Month Per Household
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Need To Save A Little Cash Quick, Fast, and In a Hurry?

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What people are saying about our service.

You guys have answered all my questions…

You guys have answered all my questions about Float25 and have been very understanding of my financial situation. We will use our Float Money to become debt-free very soon and done without a negative effect on my budget.

Chester H. Davis

Thank you PayZero for all of…

Thank you PayZero for all of your Attention on every Phone call every time for giving me the resources to get started in this Fine Program and Showing me Float25. If you Looking for a way to “get your money right” this is it. You are never alone just a Phone call away at any time. Zarome and Maria showed me the Complete Package, and I am Confident with the Program. Thank you PayZero for Having Great Employees who Love to Help People become Customers. God Bless.

Linda M. Evans