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Would You Like to Help PāyZero® Inc. Credit Agency Make Credit History?

PāyZero® Inc., a new Credit Agency, needs to reach 1,000 users for a Long-Term Study of the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay Platform.

The data will be used to establish a New Method of Credit Approval for people with an adverse credit history who apply for Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Cards, Auto and Mortgage loans using our partner banks.

The Credit Agency will be the first of its kind to make credit approval decisions and financial terms recommendations based on Net Income, Household Expenses, and the Highest Number of Expenses you pay with automated bill pay. 

The first item of credit after the long-term study will be for an unsecured high credit limit, PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® based on your new BPP Score®, and not your FICO® score.

We need your help and have a favor to ask of you…

Will you help us with our long-term study on budgeting and online bill pay by allowing the PāyZero® Credit Agency to pay your monthly expenses using the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay System?

The data will be used to generate you a BPP Score™ that will set your credit limit on your Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Card.

Participants in the Bill-PayPro™ Long-Term Study Will Be Paid Up to $2,000/month!

⇒ There is no fee for participating in the Bill-PayPro™ Study. Participants will earn a BPP Score® and will be awarded a pre-approved unsecured high credit limit PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Card with Zero Payments*


With your help, the PāyZero® Credit Agency will use the Bill-PayPro™ automated bill pay system to revolutionize loan decisioning and term recommendations on big ticket items such as unsecured Visa®/Mastercard® credit cards, Auto, and Mortgage Loans with the introduction of the (BPP Score™)The BPP Score™ calculates credit approvals or non-approvals on the basis of Income, household budget, and your use of automated bill pay.  It does not factor a credit rating from any credit bureaus.

During your study, the proprietary algorithm hidden within the Bill-PayPro™ automated bill pay system will be used by the PāyZero® Credit Agency to pay all of your household bills and lifestyle expenses in full and on time using less money than you are currently spending per month. The data compiled during this process will determine the BPP Score™ for the household.

As a bill pay service: We are able to pay your bills is similar to the way Consumer Credit Counseling has their members place a specific amount of money into an account that covers their debt, then they withdraw the money and pay the debt off. While we are not the CCC, we do ask you to place a specific amount of money per week into your Bill-PayPro™ Account you establish at your bank so PāyZero® can securely access and pay ALL of your household expenses for the month.

Benefiting from the Long-Term Study:  It’s Simple:

    • You allow all of your monthly household and lifestyle expenses to be paid on time and in full using the Bill-PayPro™ automated bill pay system.
    • In Return for you participating in the Bill-Pay Pro™ Long-Term Study and “allowing” PāyZero® to pay your monthly household expenses, PāyZero® has its partner bank Issue You an Unsecured Visa®/MasterCard® Credit Card with a limit equal to your total living expense amount. (That’s between $2,500 – $20,000 based on your total monthly expenses.)

Your Part

  1. You accept the Bill Pay Agreement.
  2. We send you a username and password to your Bill-Pay Portal.
      a). You log into your portal, and tell us who to pay, their account number, mailing address, and due date.
      b). You also tell us how much you spend on discretionary and miscellaneous items.
  3. Open a checking account at your bank and name it Bill-PayPro™.
  4. Instead of paying your bills and expenses directly, based off your interview, you make a precalculated weekly deposit into your Bill-PayPro™ Account.

Remember: We only manage the money you spend. If you make more than your expenses, we do not ask you to place your extra money, or savings into the Bill-PayPro™ Account.

Our Part

    1. We interview you about your income and expenses to determine the amount of your monthly participation check.
    2. Each week, we ACH your expense money from your Bill-PayPro™ Account and pay all of your household bills and expenses in full, and on time just like normal.
        a). Each week we also deposit your discretionary spending allowance (based on the amounts you told us you spend) to the debit card(s) of your choice with amounts covering all discretionary and miscellaneous spending for your household.
    3.  We send you a Monthly Participation Check for 10% of the sum of your deposits into your Bill-PayPro™ Account.

No need to wait. Make the Switch to Bill-PayPro™ and the BPP Score Today!


No matter the amount of money you spend each month on your household bills, expenses, and lifestyle, when your monthly household bills and lifestyle expenses are being paid using the Bill-PayPro™ automated bill pay platform, we will ensure all of your household bills and expenses are paid in full, and on time just like normal in preperation for generating your highest BPP Score possible.


No need to worry, we have the highest level of security available.


With PāyZero® your money is safe. All deposits will be held at FDIC-insured banks1. Peace of mind.

Hidden fees? Never.


With PāyZero® in your corner, you will never have to worry about hidden fees.  Our services are simple. We are not here to charge you fees. We are here as a steppingstone for you towards financial freedom.  Ask a team member how we can determine your Financial Freedom Date.

About Us

In 1994, the founder Karriem Ali wanted to show hard-working American households a better way of budgeting, paying bills and managing debt.  One that when used, would generate instant savings for the household of an additional 10% per month on total out of pocket for everyday household bills and expenses. It was not until 2018 did the technology become available for us to help individual households on a user interface platform. PāyZero® Inc. was formed and Bill-PayPro™ was born.

Today, PayZero™ Inc. is a FinTech (Financial Technology) company operating as a Credit Agency providing consumer advocacy, credit decisioning, and loan term recommendations stemming from a BPP Score™. We are able to provide a 10% monthly discount on household expenses because of the margin generated when our clients deposit their bill money with our company. We use that margin to lower the out-of-pocket cost relating to the upcoming month’s bills. From there, we are able to calculate credit risks for our partner banks that extend credit to our clients.

Our business model is…(more)

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PāyZero® Inc. DBA PāyZero® is a Credit Reporting Agency providing consumer advocacy, credit decisioning, and loan term recommendations stemming from an in-house generated consumer performance score based on net income, cost of household expenses, the number of expenses paid by automated bill pay, and other factors used to compile a BPP Score™ that is shared with our partner banking institutions for approval.

Introducing Bill-PayPro™ (the BPP Score™) as a new credit approval and decisioning system based on your net household income, budget, and online bill pay usage to determine your “new credit affordability” will revolutionize your opportunity to establish credit that does not place you in financial hardship.

The BPP Score™ will be especially helpful for those with a low credit score with the major bureaus.  The BPP Score is generated after a consumer has successfully paid household expenses through the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay System for 90 consecutive days.  The strategy behind the Bill-PayPro™ translates into a doable financial plan for your household. Paying your household living expenses through Bill-PayPro™ makes you eligible for the Bill-PayPro™ Monthly Dividend Pool.

Bill-PayPro™ can deliver a Monthly Dividend in an amount equal to 10% of your total household living expenses amount. (between $250 – $2,000/mo.).  The dividend pool represents the funds used to ensure participants never have to make out-of-pocket payments towards their PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Card as long as they continue to pay their household living expenses through Bill-PayPro™. Upon card usage, dividend proceeds can be disbursed to cover the balance of the PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Card evenly over a 12-month period. Participants can choose to use your own resources if you need accelerate lowering your card balance in order to increase your FICO® score with the other major credit agencies. We are currently running a Long-Term Study on consumer net income v/s expenses, and their usage of online bill pay to determine their affordability of “new credit payments”.  As a Long-Term Study participant, until your card is issued, PāyZero® will pay you your non-taxable 10% Dividend by monthly check.

*PāyZero® Visa®/Mastercard® Credit Cards with “Zero Payments” are reserved for households participating in the Long-Term Study of the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay Platform. Standard credit card FICO® score qualifications, due dates and payment rules apply for households choosing not to participate in the beta test of the Bill-PayPro™ automated bill pay platform.

All management questions and adjustments are handled via Zoom® Meetings.  *PāyZero® has Zero access to your bank account(s).  The PāyZero® Credit Agency is a FinTech (Financial Technology) company, and not a bank.  In 2024, PāyZero® will provide Credit Advocacy services, credit decisioning, loan term recommendations based on consumer affordability, a Visa/MasterCard credit card, BaaS (Banking as a Service) all stemming from the results of consumers having their monthly household expensed paid through the Bill-PayPro™ Automated Bill Pay Platform, and the accompanied BPP Score™.

As of now, Bill Pay Services are provided through our corporate accounts at BlueVine® online and Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC®. Bluevine accounts are FDIC® insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC®.  See the Coastal Community Bank Privacy Policy.  Bill-PayPro™ is a SaaS underwritten by PāyZero® Incorporated © 1994 – 2023. All Rights Reserved.

Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, A minimum of $2,500/mo. and a maximum of $20,000/mo. in household and lifestyle expenses. For the best results, you need to add as many bills and expenses as possible to our user interface platform.