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Welcome to PayZero Inc., D.B.A. PayZero Financial Assistance. Home of The Bill-PayPro™ Budget Consolidation Plan. A CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) ready online “Payments as a service” (PaaS) portal. The Bill-PayPro™ online UX platform is designed to function as both an artificially intelligent budgeting system and bill pay service. PaaS can be seen as a combination of software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for payments.

Our service is simple. If you were using the Bill-PayPro™ Budget Consolidation Plan, you would no longer have to worry about paying bills, budgeting, when bills are due, or if they had been paid or not. You would also be saving an extra 10%-15% more cash at the end of your month.

Having us on your team makes you more likely to benefit from four different opportunities. We understand how the latest federal, state, and local tax legislation and other developments affect you and your household. We are constantly identifying new ways to reduce your cost of living.



Choose a vehicle, Get financing, and Never see a payment

When you begin using the Bill-PayPro™ Budget Consolidation Plan to handle your household’s bill-pay, you automatically qualify for the Ends Meet™ Household Budgeting Grant.  Once approved, the Grant from PayZero Philanthropy Services will make your vehicle loan payments to your lenders for a year.

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Ends Meet™

Household Budgeting Grant

Ends Meet™ is a Household Budgeting Grant that pays out between  $3,100 – $12,000 (approval is based on your household budget, not your credit.)  Upon approval, Grant proceeds are disbursed evenly over a 12-month period to provide you with a little financial freedom. You can use your grant proceeds to save, invest, pay off debt, shop, or pay any other bills.

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Your Free Grocieries

We Want To Buy Your Groceries Next Month! (Up To $1,000)

We believe in the Bill-PayPro™ Budget Consolidation Plan so much, we will buy up to $1,000 in groceries for your household when you make the switch from your current budgeting system to Bill-PayPro™.  More Savings, No More Worries, No More Fees, and Free Groceries.

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Financial Freedom Date

Do You Know Your Financial Freedom Date?

That is the date when you get to keep 100% of your paycheck because 100% of your household expenses are being paid by PayZero™ Inc. using Bill-PayPro™.  The longer you pay your bills through Bill-PayPro™, the less you’ll spend on everyday bills.

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Helpful Tax Tips

These are some of our best tips to prepare for tax-filing season. As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you’ll handle your federal tax return and business needs.

Getting Started

Getting started with us can be simple. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and thus it is impossible to list all the items one must bring in for a tax appointment for every type of situation.


An “ALL in One” solution-based service to assist individuals and businesses with every situation that they may encounter in business. pāyZero® Tax Preparation and Bill-Pay Services are part of a network of trusted professionals from every industry.

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